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Safety and security at Bigsibs

Safety and security for our users are absolute top priorities for us at Bigsibs – from the first moment of searching on the website to the final moment of saying goodbye after a happy and successful au pair stay.

Keeping you safe at Bigsibs
What do we do?

Safety Standards

As the leading au pair agency on the Internet, AuPairWorld places special emphasis on the security of all its users.  The AuPairWorld website operates with the “Norton Secured” seal, one of the most trusted security services on the Internet.

Profile Protection

In keeping with our security and privacy standards, we delete profiles that have been inactive for several months. The contact data of users are not shown in the profiles and are not given to any third parties.  Only logged-on au pairs and Premium Membership families can see complete profiles.

Background Checks

Profiles are checked for completeness and plausibility – through automatic processes and individually by our highly experienced and qualified staff. In many cases we ask our users for a proof of identity for verification purposes.

Fraud Protection

We keep a close eye on user behaviour. In doubtful cases, we contact our users directly and request further information. We make use of various auditing and review techniques and are continuously developing and enhancing these features.

Individual Support

Our Support Team staff members not only review profiles on the website but are also personally available to assist our users. Questions and concerns are handled quickly and individually whether by telephone or email. 

Comprehensive Information

We provide carefully researched information about au pairing and the au pair stay in the most important host countries around the wrold.  This also includes information about general aspects of being an au pair or hosting an au pair in your family.

Security tips

For au pairs and host families

Preparation for a successful au pair stay starts right at the beginning of your online search – whether for a host family or an au pair and it’s a key part to security. That also means having a sharp eye for possible online scams and recognising them quickly. After the right au pair or host family has been found, the next step for everyone’s safety is exchanging lots of communication so that both sides are well informed about all aspects of the the upcoming stay. This is the best basis for a happy, successful and mutually satisfying au pair experience.

For au pairs

What’s the best way to ensure a great au pair experience? Get to know your host family as well as you can in advance. That means – skyping, telephoning and exchanging emails. Sharing information and clarifying expectations gives you and your host family the best basis for a successful au pair stay.

For host families

Hosting an au pair is enrichment for your family in many respects. But it also requires some adjustment. Your family and the au pair will need some time to get used to the new situation. With a good exchange of information in advance and some patience at the beginning, the au pair stay is sure to be a great experience.

Bigsibs' Code of Conduct

To manage your search at AuPairWorld in the best possible way and to quickly find a suitable au pair, it’s helpful to follow a few simple rules:

  • Answer your messages. The search function only works when everyone knows what their current status really is. If certain au pairs are out of the question for you, then promptly decline their offers. If you have received too many applications, then you can temporarily hide your profile in the search results so that you can deal with the applications that you’ve already received.
  • If you receive a negative reply from an au pair, please don’t take it personally. Generally, nothing is to be gained by sending further messages after you’ve received a rejection. Instead, continue your search and contact other suitable au pairs.
  • Be honest in communicating with au pairs. Are there certain situations or habits in your family that a future au pair needs to be aware of? Do your children have allergies, for example? Only by being honest is it possible to avoid problems and misunderstandings during the au pair stay.
  • When you have found an au pair, remember to inform your other current messaging partners and to deactivate your profile.
  • Follow through on your commitments. Your future au pair is relying on that and may very well be making arrangements and paying for the relevant costs. If your plans do change, then please contact your planned au pair immediately.

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