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An Au pair for support in your home

Become a host family on Bigsibs and benefit from our wide range of available Au pairs ready to assist you in managing your home.

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What's really involved in hosting an Au pair?

A young person (typically between the ages of 18 and 30) from a foreign country joins your family and is treated as a member of your family for an agreed period of time (ranging from 3 – 12 months). The Au pair’s task will include house chores, childcare and other family tasks.

How much does it cost to host an au pair?

An Au pair will be given a room in your home to live for free after having been accepted by you. In addition, the Au pair will receive regular pocket money (usually between 260 and 450 EUR per month approximate figures).
Detailed information on these and other au pairing costs in specific countries can be found in our section Info Host Countries➥

These are the standard cost factors to have in mind:

  • Room and board in your home
  • Weekly Au pair allowance
  • Au pair insurance
  • Possible contributions to language course
  • Possible contributions to local transport costs Premium Membership at Bigsibs


You can register for free and gain full and instant access to all registered Au pairs who are eager to find a home and offer their services. After searching for and connecting with your preferred Au pair, the Bigsibs Messaging System enables you to make direct contact with them so you can get to know them personally (with a Premium Membership starting as low as 39.90 EUR).

So many au pairs are searching
for a host family!

Use our Easy Find tool to discover Au pairs who are in search of a home to offer their assistance.

Au pairing in your country

Bigsibs provides a detailed information and background on everything related to Au pair stay – entry conditions, allowances, insurance, contract arrangements, etc. 

Select your country of residence to find out more!

Have any questions?

For further explanation on what we do on Bigsibs and how we can assist you, contact our Support Team via phone or email with the information at the end of this page.

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Bigsibs' Code of Conduct

To manage your search at AuPairWorld in the best possible way and to quickly find a suitable au pair, it’s helpful to follow a few simple rules:

  • Answer your messages. The search function only works when everyone knows what their current status really is. If certain au pairs are out of the question for you, then promptly decline their offers. If you have received too many applications, then you can temporarily hide your profile in the search results so that you can deal with the applications that you’ve already received.
  • If you receive a negative reply from an au pair, please don’t take it personally. Generally, nothing is to be gained by sending further messages after you’ve received a rejection. Instead, continue your search and contact other suitable au pairs.
  • Be honest in communicating with au pairs. Are there certain situations or habits in your family that a future au pair needs to be aware of? Do your children have allergies, for example? Only by being honest is it possible to avoid problems and misunderstandings during the au pair stay.
  • When you have found an au pair, remember to inform your other current messaging partners and to deactivate your profile.
  • Follow through on your commitments. Your future au pair is relying on that and may very well be making arrangements and paying for the relevant costs. If your plans do change, then please contact your planned au pair immediately.

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